Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March 3 2020 Trades

Today I closed one trade on FDX based on the same modified bollinger bands strategy but on daily candle. In this post I will try to explain the strategy used for these trades, and the same strategy that I use to share my trades on the free whatsapp group that I have which is open to anyone who would like to join.

Trade 1: FDX Trade

In short for the modified bollinger bands strategy, I scan everyday the stocks for 5 closes below or above a modified bollinger band of standard deviation of 0.382 a well as the 50 SMA. 

On March 2, FDX came up on my scanner by showing 5 closes on the daily candles below the modified bollinger bands and 50 sma and I placed a trigger below the lowest of these candles.

On March 3 the trigger below the lowest of these candles triggered so I entered a Call credit spread and I sent out an alert on the whatsapp group.

On these kind of trades I like to take profits at 25% and go on to the next trade and our stop loss is two times the credit received as you can from the images below you can see how much we collected and and profited on this trade. it was not meant to be a day trade but it closed today toward the end of the day when the price spiked below. I know not all the people who followed the trade got a fill (they privately messaged me) but I got filled. a lot of times I get messages from members that they got filled and my trade never filled but they know the premise of the trade and the stop loss they have on it set as well and they can ask me questions about it if they want to as well until the close the trade.

Profit on FDX trade is $25 per contract.

Total Profit for March 4 2020 profits:

Trade 1: $25

Total: $25 per contract.

Total March Trades Profit/Loss: -$85 per contract.

Please note that I am sharing per contract and when I send my alert to the free whatsapp group I send 1 contract because each person has a different risk tolerance and for easy math for example if it is 30$ per contract then it is $300 per 10 contract. this way a small account user or a big account user can decide if they want to go with one or more than 1 contract. I usually trade sometimes 3 and sometimes 5 contracts but I like to share 1 in case there are people that have small accounts and want to grow it 1 contract at a time. 

Hope this blog helps you find profitable strategies and in case you want to follow my trades please join the whatsapp group