Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March 2020 Profit/Loss Summary

I divided my trades in 4 ways. The free trades that I share throughout the day that are based on one strategy and I share these trades on the whatsapp group when I open and close the trades, Other Trades that are based on different strategies, SPX 0 DTE, SPX 5 DTE and SPX 7 DTE 

On the free trades I closed 20 trades, 19 wins and 1 losses with win rate for the year  89.47% and the win to loss ratio is 8.5.

On the other trades I closed 12 trades, 5 wins and 6 losses with win rate of 70% and the win to loss ratio is 2.33 .

On the SPX 0 DTE trades I closed 19 trades, 15 wins and 4 losses with win rate for the year of 77.14% and the win to loss ratio is 3.38.

On the SPX 7 DTE and 5 DTE I did not do any of these trades as the strategies I use and backtested have a high probability on bullish market and we all know the markets we are in now.

NOTE: I always send trade alerts for 1 contract for easy math and I show it on the Profit/Loss sheet as well as 1 contact but you are free and depending on your risk tolerance if you want to go more than 1 or no. And in the below spreadsheet  I show the result for 1 contract. I usually go more than 1 on any trade but I want to show the results based on 1 contract since then everyone can scale it up to their own risk tolerance. 

Here is the google sheet for 2020 Trade log.

The Free Whatsapp group where I share the trades is open to anyone who would like to join.