Constantine Trades Whatsapp Group

By Charbel Constantine

In 2019, I stumbled on a strategy that find momentum in the markets and was so curious about it that I tested it on options trades for 3 months and seeing the results they were very encouraging. I got introduced to the spx 0 DTE (Days to expiration) trades as well and I tested this strategy on it as well and found out that the majority of the time it came out a winner. I tweaked it for the 0 DTE trades to get more winners consistently and so far it works. I started sharing my trades based on this strategy on Facebook and I found out that a lot of members wanted me to share these trades based on this strategy so I created a free whatsapp group to share the trades there so if you would like to join my free whats app group where I share my trades live there here is the link:

In that group I share my trades and update a google sheet with all the trades so have as much transparency as possible. below is a link to the google sheet where you can check all my trades that I share on this group. 

Please feel free to join my group and let me know if you have any questions. I will be posting the closing trades on this blog from now on and the end of day tickers that I add to my watchlist and I will do another post explaining the strategy as well so that you can follow and understand what I am doing.