Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Week4: Day 2 of the Leeloo funded (Performance) Account using price break strategy: -$64.68

 Week4:  Day 2 of the funded (Performance) Account using price break strategy: -$64.68

Account Balance: $25783.86

Traildown: $25100

The only requirements you need to pass a test of an Evaluation Account are as follows (apply for all accounts, both monthly subscription and 14 calendar day express leeloo accounts):
- Operate minimum 10 days
- Achieve the goal requested by the chosen Assessment Account
- Don't touch the Maximum Loss Limit calculated with Trailing Draw Down
How To Sign Up For Your Evaluation Account
Click This Link: https://bit.ly/3gHJZLG
Use this coupon code: INWJJYYX for 15% off any plan. (Good for first month only not for resets)

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