Discount Codes

 Discount Codes

Updated Feb 13 2023

APEX 80% Valentine Sale with code : WINUP
Coupon Code: WINUP
Good till Feb 14 11:59PM EST
80% OFF ALL EVALUATIONS NEW AND RECURRING as well as participation in a $1mil PA giveaway.
Click the link below:
use code: WINUP
Get the Apex Trader Funding Advantage *
• 25K is yours per account before any split - Sign up for multiple accounts!
• Two, yes that's right TWO Payouts per month
• Only 10 Days Traded to Payout
• 7 Day Evals
... And Much MORE
If you want to be a funded Trader, Apex Trader Funding is the place to be!

Length: Subscription Lifetime, Expires February 14, 2023, PnL Calculation: Unrealized
Good Luck

Important Announcement from Bulenox: * Bulenox now has min 5 days for evaluation account instead of 10 * First payment in funded accounts is after 10 trading days instead of 20 Get your account today: Bulenox February special for option 1 and option 2 (40%): CLICK THE LINK BELOW: 25k —> $43.5 use code constantine70 50k —> $52.5 use code constantine70 100k --> $64.5 use code: constantine70 150k --> $195 use code: constantine40feb (40%) 250k --> $31.35 use code: Constantind33 option 1 only valid till Feb 27 2023. Good Luck

Evaluation Requirements:
10 days trading
No Scaling.
No daily loss limit
Reach target
Dont go below your drawdown (and if you have membership dont go below the static drawdown).
Using tradovate instead of rithmic.
Can be used on tradovate online web interface and mobile or Ninjatrader connection.
Accounts do not renew automatically. it has to be done manually by you.
Perfomance Account Requirements:
Do not reach your loss limit
Reach the Required margin (starting balance+$us.100) then it becomes static
Trade a minimum of 30 trading days;
Do not exceed the maximum number of contracts allowed based on your account.
The first $10,000 will be 100% for you, according to the scale established in the contract.
Subsequently, obtain 90/10 of each profit request (90% for you), according to the scale established in the contract.
Using tradovate instead of rithmic.
The steps for this funded company are a little bit different:
1- If you want static drawdown SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP FIRST.
2- Sign up for the evaluation (they always run promotions).
3- Follow the steps in the document you receive (they send them in english and spanish) to sign up for market data (4$ CME) on tradovate that you control and cancel whenever you want.
4- Follow the steps in the document if you want to connect tradovate or ninjatrader.
5- SINCE they do not use rithmic, you would be able to connect to both tradovate and rithmic at once. Which means you can trade 2 funded companies that trade on either of these brokers.

Some members are asking me about the Leseup membership and the benefits of it:
2- 50% off on any new evaluation you decide to get. just email support and they will give you a coupon for that.
3- PA reset request. The ability to reset your performance account. Also email support and request your discount.
4- Accumulate points on the Leseup site. once you get 100 points you can request any product (evaluation account).
5- 1 month free for a 15 indicators in 1 indicator from Scripts to trade company.
6- 50% discount on custom indicators and scripts you want to write or code with Script to Trade.
7- Request you special discount on Replikanto Flow bot Trade copier.

Benefit from the free membership they are offering this month.

Click this link:

Use coupon: constantinefeb to get free membership first then

Use constantine30 for 30% off lifetime.

Valid until the end of February.

Good luck.

Earnmax valentine special.
Use code earnmax33 to get a 250k account for $33 plus a free 100k account.
When you subscribe to 250k account, You will get 100k Account for FREE!
This offer Valid Until Feb 27 ,2023
Up to 20 Accounts per Trader
ONLY 5 Days To Get Funded.
The Discount is for all the billing cycle , not for the 1st Month ONLY
Good Luck

Traders, take profit BIGGEST Promo Ever Is Here…
Get 40% Off For Life + 40% Off A PRO Reset + Pay NO Fees! Use code: CONSTANTINENFL40

Introducing: Take Profit’s 40 For 40 NFL Playoffs Giveaway!

 Data fees waived
 40% lifetime discount
 40% off a Pro account reset
 All subscription fees refunded
 Pro account set up fees removed


Each week of this exciting and unique new promo…

You’ll also be entered to win a FREE PRIZE!

Multiple prizes.
Multiple winners.
Multiple weeks of fun.

We’ve NEVER done anything like this before. Come check it out while it’s live.



Good Luck

Leeloo Special

80% off of the LIFETIME of all or (LL) practice accounts. This includes:
$25,000 Aspire
$50,000 Launch
$100,000 Climb
$150,000 Cruise
$250,000 Burst
$300,000 Explode
$100,000 Glide | Micro
The trader will continue to receive 80% off each month until the monthly subscription is canceled with up to ten (10) uses per trader.

use Code: constantineleeloo

valid through 11:59 pm EST on February 15th.
Good Luck

Also From Leeloo:

Leeloo Skip the evaluation for $25K, $50K & $100K accounts. Go straight to a PA account.
$25K for $299 then select between monthly $88 or one time PA fee for $150
$50K for $499 then go into your $50K PA with a $0 PA fee
$100K for $799 then go into your $100K PA with a $0 PA fee
• Click the tab STRAIGHT TO PERFORMANCE ACCOUNTS LIMITED TIME. Select the $25K, $50K, $100k Account.
• Email LeeLoo after you purchase and they will guide you through the process.
Limited Spots Available - Ends 11:59pm EST Friday Feb 10th.

Tick Tick Trader February special.
Click this link

Use coupon:
constantine55 for 50% Off on 25K, 50K and 100K PRO accounts. The special feature of this promo is that all valid accounts will be refunded by deducting the amount paid from the activation fee.
 Length: Subscription Lifetime, Expires: February 28, 2023, PnL Calculation: Realized*
Good luck

Also from Tick Tick Trader:

Due to the overwhelming demand and requests from our community, we are pleased to announce that we have decided to make the 25k Direct Performance Account available once again for just $349, instead of its original price of $499.

This is a great opportunity for those who missed out on the original offer to take advantage of this incredible deal.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Your feedback and suggestions have been instrumental in shaping 25k Direct into the product it is today, and we look forward to your continued engagement with us.

Click this link


Don't miss out, this offer ends on February 13th at 11:59EST

Uprofit February Special:
30% off on all accounts. LIFETIME
No coupon needed. Discount applied automatically.
The discount applies each and every month of your subscription. Valid for the 25k, 75k, 50k, 100k and 200k programs.

If anyone is on the verge on joining the APEX investing methods (simplicity and sniper methods) they provide 1 month of free bootcamp, then the next month you will get it for 1$ then they will start charging the third month so by the time you start actually paying (now they have a deal for 200$ to get the gold membership instead of 300$ per month) you will be testing their system and method for 2 months. In their bootcamp they provide lessons that if you follow them you will learn their method and way of trading. their support is amazing and always there to help every step of the way. I highly recommend you trying them in case you are struggling with your trading and if you are like me where you need an objective way to trade rather than subjective ways.

Apex Trader Copier: Discounted 75% to $150     How to install for 2 different funding companies  

Check them out.