Wednesday, October 27, 2021

ORH Strategy Results

ORH Target System Daily Results

One of the main challenges of posting “Official Trade Stats” based off of Automated System Alerts is that not everyone will trade the signals in the exact same way. In other words, unless every variable, i.e. position size, initial stop placement, delta targets, trailing stop rules, scaling methodology etc. is strictly quantified, for every single trade, the concept of “Official Trade Results” is meaningless. Traders are at different levels and can employ different tactics and money management rules in their approach to the system. Different traders can end up with different results based off the same alerts and use different scaling and stop placement techniques.

The Results on the below links are based on entering 3 contracts, and moving to BE + 1 (or BE - 1 for shorts) after T1 is hit and let the trade play. Also it is based that when $900 loss per day is met, the strategy stops trading for that day. 

ORH Daily RESULTS for 3c

ORH Daily RESULTS for 2c

ORH Results for MES for 2c targeting T1 and T2.

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